FaceIT releases a huge update for their client

FaceIT has been constantly taking in feedback from beta testers about several potential updates to their client. While this is not new, the announcement today definitely shows the scale of the updates which is by no means standard.

FaceIt behavioural Index will get a full release. 

The Behavioural index that was launched on the FaceIT client a couple of weeks ago will see its immediate and full release to the public. People will be able to see specific details and characteristics of their behaviour and how it affects people around them.

Historical Index and Last Three Matches Indicator

The Index will continuously keep collecting information from various players and analyse it.

Based on the nature of this information the index will adjust in the following way:

  • The index has Base 1,000
  • Positive reports will cause this index to go up
  • Negative reports will cause the index to go down
  • Matches concluded without getting any reports push the index toward 1000

A table below will help to understand the scale the index is set to.

  • <750 Really bad
  • 750–850 Bad
  • 850–950 Poor
  • 950 -1050 Fair
  • 1050–1150 Good
  • 1150–1250 Excellent
  • >1250 Super star

“Players will be able to access certain extra features, or receive certain account restrictions based on your historical index as well as the change in the index over the last few days/matches.”

You will be able to see a short summary of your behaviour in the past three matches. It will definitely help to keep you in control and keep the playing environment a happy and peaceful one for all.


Friends Importer

You can now import your friends list from various clients. This move basically helps to get more people onto FaceIt and have them use FaceIT Client.

Google Chrome Notifications

This update is probably the most exciting after the Behavioural index feature. Google Chrome notifications can definitely go a long way in making the system more user friendly.

These notifications are still limited to friend requests and team invites and can be turned off in your Notifications settings at any time. In the coming weeks we will keep working on improving the system to allow form more types of notifications as well as to limit the notifications you receive to only notify you for the most relevant actions.

Small features/Misc/Bugs

  • Organizer admins and broadcasters can now see the GOTV link and server IP for matches in their tournaments
  • Added organizer names to search results
  • Organizers can now whitelist whole regions instread of going country by country