Complexity partner with HotSauce

Complexity partner with HotSauce

Complexity have announced their partnership with FYM Hotsauce. FYM Hotsauce is a F&B Company that has been on the lookouts to tap the eSports industry and the huge consumer market. After sponsoring Team NP a few months ago, they will now be proud sponsors of Team Complexity.

As written on the Complexity Homgepage :

Keyboards, headsets, energy drinks, and even sleek chairs. They’re all things that through Esports have become synonymous with gaming. Our partnership aims to assist FYM in not only establishing themselves as a premier brand in the kitchen, but one that is known for their support of gamers and the Esports industry. FYM Hot Sauce is still fresh (like their ingredients!) to the eSports scene, but we’re excited to help them navigate the waters and expand their reach within gaming culture.

When asked to comment about this news this is what Complexity and FYM had to say :

Kyle Bautista, Complexity General Manager :

Before I ever met Dane – FYM’s creator – I saw his product on the front page of Reddit. It was clear he had a passion for his product, and that got me excited too. Months later I see him on Reddit again, talking about Esports sponsorships and shitposting about my Dota 2 captain, Kyle ‘Melonzz’ Freedman. I think to myself, who the heck is this guy? He gets it! I spoke to Dane for the first time later that day, and after sampling the product he was so passionate about, we were sold. I cannot be more excited to work with someone who not only supports the Esports industry, but truly buys into the players and the community that make it great. Spicy memes and spicy hotsauce, I’m proud to be working with FYM.


Josh Schmidt is the team Chef and Complexity Dota Manager. He is not only responsible to keep the players in a good mindset but also to make sure that their appetite and health is on point.

As the team chef, my main focus is the health of our players. The fast paced lifestyle of gamers can sometimes make it hard to eat nutritiously. Healthy, fast, flavorful. It’s hard to hit all three. We’ve always used hot sauce to add flavor to our meals, so I love that we’re now partnering with FYM Hot Sauce. We’re huge fans of the new beer based sauces that will be coming out soon!

You can help support Complexity and their sponsors by using Code Col on the FYM Hotsauce website.

Check out the brand new FYM website and pick up some FYM Hotsauce for 10% off with code ‘COL‘. And don’t worry our friends across the pond, quick and affordable shipping is coming very soon!

Complexity Dota are placed in Group C along with EG, Faceless and LGD. Their first match against EG is definitely going to be an uphill task considering how well EG are playing right now. However it is not impossible for them especially with several standins in LGD in their Group. Group C, while tough is definitely not impossible for Complexity. Either ways the Group stages are more about trying to figure out your own team and its strengths with respect to the other teams. So Complexity should use these matches to get better with their own team coordination and strats.