No more Promotion farming at League

Riot have decided to put an end to Promotion farming in League of Legends. Promotion farming is when League professional teams recruit a second roster in order to qualify in one of Riot Games leagues. If the promotion is a success, such team would be sold to another owner. The second roster could not stay under the same ownership due Riot’s rule not allowing the ownership of two teams in the LCS.

J. T. “Tiza” Vandenbree, the senior esports coordinator at Riot Games shared in a tweet Riotś decision to halt Promotion farming.

This makes it even more difficult for organisations to profit off League. Following reports of several teams being in talks with Riot to improve their financial status, Riot had implemented Crowdfunding into the Worlds. A few years ago, Riot had chastised Valved for begging for Prize money. There were no comment from Riot when asked about the same statement.

LCS Spots have become a money making status. A single spot can sell for up to $1million. As such we had several organisations fielding secondary teams and selling the spot if the secondary team were to qualify.

The end of promotion farming could be seen as a harsh news, especially for Counter Logic Gaming, who announced two days ago a second roster to play in the League of LegendsChallenger Series next season.

However the PR department of CLG seemed to take it in their stride. According to them, they already knew about the rule and never expected their team to make it into LCS.

We knew about this rule when we picked up our challenger team as we’ve stated in a previous comment. Our players also knew this rule. Everyone understood that the team would not be able to be promoted to the LCS. The goal was always player development.

We’re incredibly happy that fallenbandit, OmarGod, Tuesday, Zag, Fill, and Vulcan joined the CLG family. We really believe that they are some of the most talented players of the next generation.

The fact that they chose to join us despite not being able to participate in the LCS promotion tournament is a testament to their dedication and drive to become better players.