ImaPet named as CLG Strategic Coach

CLG had brought on Chet “ImAPet” Singh as their CS:GO analyst in the recent past. Following their call for a new strategic coach, it seems they have looked inhouse and named ImAPet as their new Coach.

As a strategic Coach, Chet is expected to put more emphasis on structured strategies and overseeing practice to maximize efficiency.

“Chet was our analyst and worked his way up to earn the responsibilities of a strategic coach. He provides a lot of insight on strategy and is detail oriented. He has worked well with our players and I am confident in his abilities as a strategic coach.

– Matt “Trinitiii” Nausha, Director of Esports

According to CLG website, He learned how to work with players and how to resolve issues in a productive manner. Most importantly, he learned how to effectively communicate his strategies so that they could be better retained.

“I’m looking forward to take a more leadership heavy role and continue to develop our teamwork and strategy – and eventually help us make a world class team.”

– Chet “ImAPet” Singh, Strategic Coach of CLG CS:GO

CLG which used to be a premier NA CSGO organisation has fallen back into despair following the departure of several of their lead players. They are looking forth to rebuilding their brand and hopefully will field  roster whom they support and not blackmail into staying put.