Brackets for Smite World Championships announced

Brackets for Smite World Championships announced

Smite have announced the Brackets for the World Championships 2017. After the teams locked in their roster last week, they will start preparing for the Championships which will see several teams battle it out against each other. The Season 3 World Championship will take place at HiRez Expo in Atlanta GA between January 5th and January 8th 2017.


A small rundown for the various teams and their preparations :

Team Pandamonium

Pandamonium are the Oceania representatives this year. With multiple players from last years Oceania representatives (Avant Garde),  Pandamonium will be hoping for a much better performance than last year. Oceania failed to impress even though the region had high expectations for itself. With an additional year under their belt will this region provide anything more?

LichT Esports

LichT Esports are representing Latin America this year. This team grabs from the best players in multiple countries from around Latin America. There were one of the very first teams to confirm their team into the world championship. After finishing 1st in CSL North Split 3, LichT Esports went to the LATAM Regional Championships and defeated former World Championship attendees Isurus Gaming 3-2 in the finals.


Touted as probably the most dangerous team to come from any other region outside of NA/EU, Brazil’s World Championship representatives have a solid lineup and are looking to keep improving on previous years experiences. INTZ made short work of the Red Canids (who attended Dreamhack Masters) in a quick and decisive manner in the 2016 Brazil Regional Championships.


The meta in China as per usual is a whole different beast and once again we sit wondering just what exactly China will bring to the worlds stage. Harbin clean swept its competition at the China Regional Championships. While expectations from this region are not high, you can never count out the possibility of something magical happening.


World Champions in Season 2 and now looking to make it twice in a row. This team has gone undefeated in over a year of competition (have not lost a single set) and are still considered the best team in Europe. With an unchanged roster from last year NRG is easily a favourite heading into Season 3’s World Championships.

Obey Alliance

Obey defeated Orbit to secure their spot this year. Rated as an above average team in Europe, they were not expected to so easily to progress to this stage of the competition. Obey have plenty of online experience with three members having had appearances at the world championship in the past. This team also contains the only European player to attend all 3 World Championships as a player. With little play internationally from Obey Alliance this year they are more of a wildcard than some teams.

SoaR Gaming

Seen as one of the most superstar filled rosters to ever come out of North America, SoaR have real potential to take it all this year. Formed half way through this year with only one task in mind and that was getting to and winning the World Championship. Surprisingly, however, SoaR are the 2nd seeded team to come out of North America and will now have to face the might of NRG earlier in the tournament than probably expected.

Team Eager

The number one team from North America, Zapman has finally made it to worlds as a player but can he win worlds is the real question? Eager strategies are where they truly shine, able to pull and push enemy teams around with their compositions and their decision making. Eager are most certainly one of the fan favorites heading into this World Championship and will have a lot of support from the home crowd.


Luminosity are one of the two teams to make it through to the World Championship from the wildcard stage. With three players in their rookie year, they have taken the North American scene by storm with their consistency online. Sadly though that consistency didn’t transition into offline LAN play where they struggled as a team, mainly with their rookies having a hard time. The good news is they have two players making their World Championship appearance JeffHindla and hometown hero BaRRaCCuDDa. The two veterans plus their fans are the real backbone of this team and have the opportunity to take the world stage by storm.


Allegiance had a lot of roster changes from the team that started the year. Heading into the final chance of the year (the gauntlet) Allegiance took players from all other teams that had struggled throughout the year and formed an unknown quantity. At Super Regionals however, all was revealed and Allegiance are a force to be reckoned with. Overlooked by most but with real synergy already showing through, this team has the potential to be one that could really upset the standings at this year’s world championship.


Source – SmiteGa