Big Gods to move to NALCS Challenger Qualifiers

Big Gods announced recently that they have bought off the spot previously owned by Enix for the NALCS Challenger Qualifiers. This will see the Brazilian team competing directly into the NALCS Qualifiers.

According to Riot rules, no more than 2 non-American players are allowed in a team. This has been a major reason why there have not been many emigrations to the US by organisations. Big Gods, used to participate in CBLol, which is a league formed in Brazil by Riot. The league is an excellent platform to compete locally and improve one’s game. But in order to become a household name and compete at the big stages, Big Gods have moved to US.

While the organisation has moved to the US, they still have to form their own roster. Keeping in mind the 2 player policy it might become difficult for them to actually form a decent roster. The limitations imposed by Riot along with the fact that most of the good players are already in contracts and with teams, Big Gods have their hands tied.

Why move to NA if it is being tied down by so many limitations?

“Big Gods is a team owned by Egg & Bacon, a marketing and communications agency focused on linking brands to the gaming world and eSports,” explained Danilo Salgueiro, CEO of Big Gods, to ESPN Brazil. “In addition to the São Paulo office, the agency is expanding its business with a new office located in California. So it was only natural that Big Gods would follow in the footsteps of Egg & Bacon to be in a more mature competitive environment.”

The United States has the most developed eSports competitive landscape in the world, and we take this into account when deciding to expand Big Gods.”