Timon is the fifth player for MVP Project

Timon is the fifth player for MVP Project

The news of Sound departing the MVP Project roster had just been announced. It is now learnt that MVP Project have announced their 5th player for their team.

22-year-old HoKyeong “timon” Ahn has been named as the replacement for Sound. While he is not from MVP.Pk; he has had a promising start to his career.

Many believed that the 5th player would be a player from MVP.Pk, since MVP.Pk is like the junior brother and the feeder team for MVP Project. However that has not been the case.


This is what the MVP Project Coach had to say about the news :

Sound made the decision to pursue his education and participate in his mandatory military service,” Kim said in the statement. “It will take about two years for him to complete.”

“HoKyeong aka timon, Sound’s replacement has been living with the team for the past two months as a back-up substitute. He was on the same team as XigN and HSK before they joined MVP, back in m0nster.

We were registered for the DreamHack Las Vegas qualifier, but decided to not participate in the end to give our players a vacation because of Sound’s announcement. The team has some tournaments coming up in the future, but I can’t release any information just yet


The current roster for MVP Project is :

Hyun-Pyo “XigN” Lee
Hae-Sung “HSK” Kim
Jung-Hyeon “rindA” Jeon
Soon-Woo “Argency” Kwon
HoKyeong “timon” Ahn

Ronald “Rambo” Kim (coach)