Pilgrim, 343 Industries Developing ‘Halo’ Series

In an era where eSports organisations are seeing investments from the traditional organisations for the new games being launched; Halo has found support in unexpected quarters. Earlier this year, Pilgrim signed a deal with Lionsgate and ESL to “create and distribute entertainment content focused on competitive gaming for both television and digital platforms,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new deal will be a part of the deal and will bring forth Halo to users in a way that has not been seen since quite sometime. Earlier in its Prime, Halo was being broadcast by ESPN. However the consumer interest in the game waned quite quickly and it resulted in the game falling flat.

Pilgrimś Craig Pikigian

“We continue to be blown away by the sheer excitement surrounding esports; the scope and buzz are growing every day,” Pilgrim’s Craig Piligian said. “Esports and Halo fans are exceedingly passionate about gaming and devoted to their favorite titles and franchises—they are exactly the kind of audience we want to produce for.”

The competition series would bring Halo to screens in a new way. The game has become a popular e-sports title, with a Halo World Championship and weekly championship series tournament in North America and Europe.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pilgrim on developing a reality series that will bring the intensity and extreme competition of Halo 5: Guardians e-sports to a television audience,” said Kiki Wolfkill, head of Halo transmedia and entertainment at 343. “There is no better partner than Pilgrim to give our fans insight into the world of Halo e-sports.”