Overwatch Update live on servers


Blizzard have officially released the Season 3 update on Overwatch. Season 3 will see a recalibration of several of the players ranks. Players will find themselves in a lower rank due to a slight miscalculation by Blizzard in the earlier seasons. Jeff Kaplan explains the anomaly beautifully in the following video.

The patch brings forth new maps and significant changes to social gameplay. Players can now have the option of staying in the team if they so desire.

After giving the Skill Rating system a major overhaul in Season 2, we noticed both the Gold and Platinum tiers were significantly overpopulated. This meant that some players were initially achieving inappropriately high skill ratings and then experiencing a downward adjustment within the first few matches of the season. This also meant that competition within the Gold and Platinum tiers could vary widely from match to match.

Source – PlayOverwatch