Sean Gares and Shahzam might join TSM

According to sources, Sean Gares and Shahzam are all set to join Team Solo Mid. They would be replacing FNS and Twistzz over at Team Solo mid. The replacement process would take place immediately if TSM are unable to qualify for Eleague Minor. If they do qualify for the minor, then the roster will continue as it is till they are ousted from the Major.

In our opinion, this announcement in itself is regressive. It will demotivate the players and they will not be putting forth their best foot to perform well. This kind of backing is definitely not something that any player would hope for.


Sgares and Shahzam come from an Echo Fox roster that disbanded following numerous disappointing performances, especially against international competition. Sgares, who has been long revered for his in-game-leading capabilities, was so heavily pursued by TSM that they offered to move their gaming house near his place of residence if he joined the team, according to a source.

Source – SlingShoteSports