Paul Chaloner launches CodeRed eSports

Paul Chaloner has been a notable personality in eSports. Having hosted multiple events in Dota and CSGO, he has been the face of many events. He launched a new eSports service, Code Red eSports on November 30.

The service is basically an advice service that can help you get a foothold in understanding and working your way around eSports. With the advent of venture money and traditional sports money into eSports; there is an influx of people who are not as familiar with eSports. This service will be a boon for them as they can get a kickstart into understanding the business around eSports and the cultural norms associated with it.

According to their website,

With over 40 years’ combined experience, Code Red has an unparalleled level of esports expertise. Whether you’re established in esports already or looking to get involved, Code Red can help you decipher the esports industry and advise on the best opportunities and solutions for your business.

They already count some of the major eSports organisations as their clients. The list includes organisations such as Ginx, Ubisoft, PGL, Gfinity, esports industry awards, Valve.


“A pleasure to recommend Paul as true professional in every sense of the word. As part of our groundbreaking project and live on screen presentation Paul was at the hub of our collective efforts. Totally dedicated, passionate and always in the right place. All that said he is a pleasure to work with and lot of fun as well. Can’t beat that!!”

Source – CodeRedEsports