Is it Valveś fault that Execration are unable to attend the Boston Major?

Execration have applied for their US Visa, but it has been sadly reported they might not get their VISA in time.

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As you can read in the post the USCIS has asked for documentary proof from Valve. Valveś inability to send it in time has resulted in a delay for the VISA to be processed. While Execration would still get their VISA, they will not get it in time for the Group stages at the Major. This is a major setback to the organisation which had worked hard to reach the majors. We hope Valve and the teams take steps to ensure such a possibility does not happen in the future.

The Boston Major is the first Non ¨The International ¨ Major to be held in the US. With several teams and players from Asia and South East Asia facing Visa problems, the event has been mired in negativity.