Benji and Duke might be playing for Immortals

Benji and Duke might be playing for Immortals

The Immortals LoL roster right now is non-existent. They have slowly lost all their players and have ultimately reached a situation where they do not have a single signed player for the team. This prompted many users and fans to advise Immortals to sell their spot at LCS.

Being in it for the long run, Immortals refuse to raise the white flag. They have been rumored to be in talks with Benji and Duke, former SK1 stars who have been the winners of multiple World Championships. Their contracts with SK Telecom were not renewed and hence they are scouting for a new organisation to call home.

Immortals were not considered a strong team. But if Benji and Duke decide to be a part of the Immortals roster, this would be a lineup to fear. Benji is known to gather his teammates around him. He is known as a team builder and a person who can pick players best suited for the team roles. He has an abysmally high win rate of 80%. Being the jungler this high win rate definitely has seen him as a catalyst for the dominant performances of SK1. Benji has stayed with SK since 2013. Being just of 23 years, he has not been a part of any other team till now.

Duke, 21, has moved around between teams. He started off with the KT Rolster organization and then moved onto NaJin before joining SKT in 2015. Duke carries around MVP status wherever he goes. In the 2016 LCK Spring Split, he took home the Finals MVP after receiving the 2015 LCK Spring Split MVP award.

Source – WWG