Fnatic undergo roster Changes in Dota2

Fnatic have announced changes to their Dota2 roster. The Fnatic Dota2 roster has been one of the most stable rosters from the South east Asian scene since quite sometime. However they have recently announced a change which sees Raven, Eyyou and Demon being removed from their roster.

Quoting Fnaticś website :

When Fnatic build a roster, the obvious aim for  is to create a squad capable of challenging the best teams in the world on the biggest stages. That means bringing together elite players who are able to work and synergise as one functioning machine. Our managers and analysts of course work tirelessly to find suitable candidates but sometimes, despite the obvious ability of the players, the cogs do not quite match up.

Unfortunately the DotA 2 squad has struggled to perform in the aftermath of TI6; with such a weighty reshuffle after the Major teething problems were to be expected, but as progress has stuttered it is clear that a new direction is needed.

Back in the summer, Fnatic had acquired three quite clearly strong players and were confident about continuing the successes felt in months before. Unfortunately on this occasion things have not materialised as we’d hoped, but we’re confident that by making these further changes, we’ll be making a marked improvement to consistency, in turn making us more competitive on the big stage.

While it hasn’t worked out this time, we are enormously grateful for the effort afforded by all of the boys. We now move onward again with Mushi and Ohaiyo, and while we are yet to appoint replacements, you can be damn sure we’ll be doing our utmost to build an exciting roster for 2017. Stand by until the end of the year for further announcement.

Jimmy “Demon” Ho

The change within the team was inevitable with all of our results. Plans did not work out as they were intended and it’s time to start a new chapter. Thank you Fnatic for giving me the opportunity but now I’ll be open as a free agent and looking for a new team. With that being said, I’m now moving back to the USA.

Marc Polo “Raven” Luis Fausto

I would like to thank Fnatic for everything. I had a really great time and I would like to thank Mushi because he really taught me a lot and I wish them all the best.

Nico “eyyou” Barcelon

First of all I would like to thank the whole Fnatic team and management for the opportunity that they’ve given to me, even though we didn’t get a good result for the past 2 months of playing as a team.
I am very thankful for all the experience and knowledge that the team gave me as an individual ingame and outside the game.
I wish all the best for everyone.

Eric “reinnnn” Khor Wei Soon

It is unfortunate that the current iteration of Fnatic Dota 2 did not work out as much as I would like it to. Before we move on, I would like to thank Jimmy, Nico and Polo for giving it their all in the few short months that we were together. While the team did not work out, we learned a lot from observing them and hope the best for them in the future. Mushi and Ohaiyo will continue to reform the team to make a comeback in the international scene.

Source – Fnatic