Dandy leaves VICI gaming

DanDy joined Vici Gaming in November of 2014 along with Mata for the 2015 LPL Season. Vici had a decent run in 2015 with their 4th place finish. They did eventually fall to Invictus Gaming in the playoffs. After failing to qualify for the worlds, Mata would then leave the team in December of 2015 but DanDy stayed on Vici with the hopes of achieving success with them next year.

In the 2016 Spring Split, Vici finished the regular season with a decent 3rd place. During the 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs, Vici faced off against LGD Gaming in the First Round, defeating them 3-1. Their next opponent was Team WE but they were unable to defeat them and lost 1-3, getting knocked out of playoffs.

Dandy has now announced that he will be leaving Vici Gaming. The decision comes mainly in the wake of poor performances by the team.

Statement by Vici Gaming :

We are grateful for DanDy’s two years with them, but Nov. 25 marks his final day with the team, at his own decision. “We respect DanDy’s personal choice, and wish him the best for his future!”

Dandy still had one year left in his contract. However the general atmosphere within the team was getting non-conducive to team play. There was a lot of frustration within the team and it definitely affected their performances.

Because the team hasn’t been doing very well lately,” DanDy said in April, “and I’ve been very stressed. The team atmosphere also hasn’t been very good. This is why I thought that maybe I should take a break.”

Dandy, who is known to meticulously research the opposing jungler to study their ganks patterns and map movement is the only ex-Samsung White player who has not won an LPL title.