ROX tigers contracts expire, Team Disbands

The player organisation contracts for Smeb, KurO, Pray and Gorilla expired according to Riotś player database. This has prompted all of the aforementioned players to bid their adieu to the organisation. They did so on various social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

Smeb :

Wanted to say thanks to all those who cheered me on as ROX Tigers Smeb all this time.

Pray :

There’s so much I want to write, but I’m not too good with my writing skills, so I don’t think I’ll be able to say everything I want. We went through a lot during two years, and to my teammates who worked tirelessly through it, [I want to say] thank you so much. For the fans that cheered us on through thick and thin, I want to say thanks.

The Rox Tigers has been a part of LCS since Spring 2015. The team was a well known team in the international scene.After Riot announced a ban on organizations owning multiple teams in the same league at the end of 2014, the former members of NaJin’s two teams and Smeb from Incredible Miracle came together to former a new roster, originally sponsored by Chinese streaming site HUYA. They qualified for the new Korean premier league shortly afterward.

A few months ago a report surfaced that the organization intended to disband as soon as the event finished. ROX   denied the report, saying they fully intended to renew the roster for another year. However, the organization noted that the players’ contracts would expire at the end of November, and they could not guarantee the players would choose to stay.

The tigers definitely have had financial problems as they have been unable to find a title sponsor for the team. As a result a lot of the teamś finances were slim with the team being unable to furnish the high costs of the players.