Move no longer a part of Unicorns of Love

2017 EU LCS Spring Split will see changes in the Unicorns of Love roster. They have decided not to sign contract with Move for the upcoming season.

They released a statement on facebook and twitter announcing their decision not to sign Move after months of deliberation. They have already signed up a new jungler, the position that move used to play for the team.

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There had been no indication of this move by either the organisation or the player. Indeed Move had been quoted as being extremely happy and at home with the new team.

“UoL feels like my second family. Everyone is so friendly. The environment is nice for intense gaming, and I think I am in good circumstances considering the fact that I am far from home.”

The team finished in sixth place during the summer season and second place during the gauntlet, losing 3-2 to Splyce and failing to qualify for Worlds.The team has not yet announced their substitute jungler whom they have already signed up for the upcoming season.