End and DDC to replace Monet and IPC in Boston Major

According to LGDŚ social media Weibo, END and ddc will be replacing Monet and IPC in the Boston Major. Several chinese players are facing VISA issues with the interviewing officers not being able to understand the concept of eSports gaming and hence denying the VISAs.

If things do not go their way, Monet and IPC will be replaced by END and DDC. This has been reported on Weibo and there has been ample proof provided for the same.

There were also official documents published in the webpage. We can see the various passports and the official VISA players.

chinese-passport lgd-forever-young-roster-papers

Written below is also Valveś letter in support of the VISA approval process for the chinese players.


We hope that the VISAś for the players do get approved. They have definitely been practising hard to get at their position where they are right now.

Source : Weibo