Jinx Inc release license apparel featuring Echo Sports

Jinx Inc have released a line of original licensed apparel featuring Echo Sports. The line of apparel will be available for purchase for the fans and anyone interested from Spring 2017. The Gaming organisation Echo fox was one of the first gaming teams to be invested by Sports personalities (in this case Rick Fox )


This partnership between J!NX and Echo Fox follows on from the launch of J!NX Pro, a new line of apparel dedicated to players and fans of esports. There are also partnerships in place with Team Liquid and developers including Valve and Blizzard.

We can only expect more and more of mainline fashion, media and gaming organisations to invest into eSports. Converting eSports fans to customers for apparel lines and eSports merchandise seems to be on the mind of many organisations.

As the industry matures, such initiatives will be seen in various spheres.