FaceIT announces their new anti Cheat Software

One of the biggest drawbacks for playing FPL or even qualification matches for minors and majors on the Faceit platform are the number and ferocity of hackers on the platform. The lack of a good anti cheat software has hurt the organisation a lot more in the recent weeks.

Facei have unveiled their new anti cheat software. The New Anti cheat will go a long way in making the experience of playing on Faceit much more memorable and enjoyable for the players.

This is a piece of software that has been in development from the UK based organisation for some time, and considerable resources seemingly went into creating it. The stated goal is a piece of software “that not only could become a standard, but that could improve significantly over time.”

They have not released any information about the anti cheat and rightly so. The way anti cheats work is that they are almost always proactive. They have to be relying on being hacked / taken advantage of in order to improve.

As such it is always a losing battle against hackers and cheaters. Its the speed and promptness with which updates can roll out that determines the success of an anti cheat. We hope that Faceit keeps its software updated and allows players to focus on improving their gameplay.

Some features of the anti cheat :

  1. Relying on client-side detections (similar to other anti-cheat services), having a quick short-term impact on detecting cheats.
  2. An integrated approach, garnering information from the client, server and other FACEIT services to detect cheating. This way could potentially, in the long run, detect cheats the traditional method couldn’t.