Sergey Bragin joins Vega Squadron

Sergey Bragin was recently bought out from his contract under Team Empire. The player has been unhappy over the string of losses that Team Empire have suffered.

He will be joining Vega Squadronś roster.

Sergey has already played for many teams including DTS, Moscow 5, Darer, Absolute Legends, LGD.International and Virtus.Pro. As a “bear”, he took 5-6th place on The International 5. In the beginning of the season G was playing for Team Empire.


Greet our new player! Vega Squadron are hoping that it will help our new roster become more stable and reach the highest heights!

New Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster:

Rostislav fn Lozovoi
Sergey G Bragin
Andrey Mag Chipenko
Akbar SoNNeikO Butaev
Semion CeMaTheSlayeR Krivulya

CEO Vega Squadron, Alexey Kondakov:

Sergey is the most experienced midlaner available in CIS. It’s been a while since we decided we want to work with him, both players and management. It’s important that he’s ready to work hard both on himself and with the team. We hope that it’ll pay off.

Vega Squadron Managing Director, Georgy «drAmer» Faleev:

Finally all the paperwork is over and we’re ready to announce our fifth player in the Dota 2 roster! Sergey is probably the most experienced players in CIS, at least at his role. I’m assured that he has something to show and prove everyone what he’s worth.

I would also like to add that both our newcomers were unanimously decided by players and staff, so alternatives were not even considered, honestly speaking. Team is already practicing for WCA LAN finals in China where they’ll have their first test of strength.

Source – Vega Squadron