Miami Flamingos venture into CSGO

Miami Flamingos have ventured into Esports and CSGO in particular with their signing of a new CSGO roster. The roster which hails from Latin America will be moved to NA to partake in several CSGO tournaments.

The Miami Flamingos roster :

Jonathan “JonY BoY” Muñoz
Guillermo “guishorro” Areco
Matias “tutehen” Canale
Cristian “Proxure” Rojas
Juanes “sickLy” Valencia

The team will be based in Florida and will be moving in together into their Gaming house around January 2017.

When asked for comments, team manager Lucas Noya responded

It all started when he was looking for a sponsorship for his team in Argentina, Guerreros del Mouse. After finding some Argentine and North American investors, the idea was to mix North American and Latin American players. After several talks, though, the idea of giving some of the region’s most notable figures the platform they crave arose.