goes offline

One of the first events listings website will be shutting down, as announced by Splyce. Followesports was one of the first, if not the very first events listing website. Ofcourse it lost its peak position to HLTV quite sometime back but its been a significant part of the community. It used to list even the smallest events and was a pioneer in quelling the demand for events listings.

Followesports merged with Splyce and became, it continued to provide listings and data to anyone who wanted it. However following changes in the Splyce website and organisational restructuring, it has been decided to down the shutters on

“Our goal is to win championships and create a pro team brand that both players and fans can be super proud of and the best way to do that is to funnel every resource we have into making an incredible experience at Splyce.”

Splyce is changing its focus from website and content towards teams. They have succesful teams in League of Legends and Call of Duty. Focussing on teams will help them create a brand value that would not have been possible just based on a website.

“That all said, our belief is that an incredible web experience is a key part of esports, as so much of our industry is enjoyed online from our homes and mobile devices. Over the next few months you’re going to see a full facelift for and awesome new features added over time that will create a truly awesome experience for our fans. I’ve seen some of the amazing things the talented folks at our company have built and I can’t wait to share them with you soon.”

Source : WWG