ESL Cologne 2017 officially announced

ESL Cologne is the marquee event for the premier Game organiser. They have confirmed the 2017 edition which will be held in Cologne.

The dates for the event have been announced as July 7th to July 9th 2017. The event will be on a grand scale and we can possibly expect Virtual Reality at the event too ( although this has not been confirmed by anyone as of now ). But with IEM Oakland and ESL New York using VR to enchance the viewing experience, we can only expect the best event from the ESL Kitty to use it too.

Venue : Lanxess Arena


LANXESS arena is still echoing with the cheers of last year’s ESL One Cologne event. The excitement returns in 2017 with another world-class tournament to be held in one of the largest arenas in Europe.


Due to German legislation and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s USK16 rating, only people aged 16 years or older will be admitted to the event. Even with parental consent or an accompanying adult, people under the age of 16 will not be able to gain entry to ESL One Cologne 2016.


You can bring a small backpack(no luggage) into the arena. No dangerous items are allowed. No food and drinks will be allowed in the arena. Only point and shoot, or action cameras can be brought into the arena. Cameras with interchangeable lenses are not permitted.

More information about the tournament / event can be found on the official ESL Website