Todd Swidler becomes CEO of ESC Games

Todd Swidler has signed on as the CEO of ESC Games. The former Bloomberg Media executive aims to hold large tournaments in theater styled environments with his new position at ESC Games. ESC games managed to raise private funding in April 2016 which enabled them with their expansion plans.

“ESC Games is pioneering a whole new category of entertainment,” Swidler said. “This is about creating social engagement that brings people together. Once you experience it, you quickly see the potential.”

In ESC Games theaters, players use touch screen devices to play a number of  multiplayer games unique to the platform. Each game, with titles such as Feudal FootballAstro Beams, and Fruit Tattoo, lasts around 10 minutes. The games are aimed at providing short but an intense experience. The touch screen devices just add to the entire experience and make it a premium offering for the most part.