Overwatch Winter Premiere Tournament announced

Overwatch is gaining in popularity as we keep seeing new tournaments including the game in their itinerary. Overwatch Winter Premier is another tournament that is upcoming in the next few weeks. It is organised by Next Generation Esports (NGE) in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment. Make sure you sign up beforehand if you’re interested, however, because the online qualifiers are scheduled to start in a little over a week from now.

Teams can register starting December 3rd and the teams will be playing in the Group stage from December 10-13. The top eight teams from the Group stage will play in a round robin format. This will be a really interesting format as the teams would be given ample oppurtunities to prove their mettle.

The next stage would be held in front of a live audience at a LAN event. The prize Pool of $100000 is definitely something that most of the teams would love to get a slice of.

“NGE’s philosophy is to find the most ambitious esports partners and work with them to elevate their shows,” said Andy Vander Woude, CEO and co-founder, Next Generation Esports. “That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Blizzard to create an esports experience perfectly matched to Overwatch fans.”

Source : GeeknSnack