Ginx TV to air ´The Bridge´ from November 28th

Ginx TV was last in the news when it received a significant backing from ITV and Sky. Ginx TV is the only 24 hours eSports channel in the UK. The £3.1 million by media networks Sky and ITV saw each company gain a 16.5% stake in GinxTV.

GINX eSports TV carries products like Turner’s ELEAGUE, FACEIT’s Championship Series, and Valve’s The International in its program. Ginx TV also aims to partner with the likes of Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, Gfinity, and others.

The three hours show, called “The Bridge,” will feature notable faces like Alex Richardson, ESL stage host OJ Borg, and professional streamer Marcella de Bie as dedicated hosts.

The Producer describes the show

a crossing place for e-sports — where we can talk to whoever we want, about whatever game we want, whenever and however we want. That feels like a great starting point.”

The show promises to have eminent esports personalities and have regular chats with them. With personalities such as Thoorin, Sheever, ODPixel promised to be on the show, it looks set to be one of the mainstream TV outlets for eSports. The show starts November 28 on SKY 470 or Virgin 290 (in the UK), and will be livestreamed on GINX TV’s Twitch channel at 8pm GMT.

Source : EsportsObserver