BBC respond to Julianoś allegations

BBC respond to Julianoś allegations

The controversy surrounding Juliano and BBC just keeps getting murkier. Following Julianoś allegations of her statements being used out of context by BBC; BBC have released a statement regarding the situation.

According to Dexerto,  The BBC have responded to Dexerto’s request for a statement regarding Julia’s claim:

The length of the interview was cut down for duration purposes but the sense of what was said was not changed in any way.”

Juliano had blamed the players and the tournaments for not giving special treatment to female players. However the truth of the situation is that female professional players who face no limitations as in real sports can compete on any open qualifier. Their repeated failure to do so not only points at the unnecessary topic but also at the fact that they do not deserve any special treatment. Yes Infrastructure and betterment of esports is something that is generic and can be improved upon. But calling it special functions for female players is just wrong.

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Source : Dexerto