League may introduce a 10 ban system

League of Legends has 133 champions( as of patch 6.20). The game has been expanding at a rapid rate with new champions being constantly added to the system. The Draft system which allows players to ban upto 3 champions is considered woefully inadequate by many. Considering the large number of champions, it is imperative that the pick and ban phase be changed to accommodate everyone.



This will be the tentative drafting process for the Singaporean LoL circuit.
Does any other region have this as well for 2017? pic.twitter.com/9mN2fEKky2

— Nelson (@nelson_sng) November 18, 2016

While this news about Riot implementing a 10 ban system (  5 a side ) is not new, there is no clarity on the timing of the decision. Riot Gaming had posted on their website about a potential update coming through soon which would allow teams to ban upto 5 champions each.

After the pre-season, we’ll look into potentially changing to 10 bans in draft games. We’re just starting to gather feedback on that from both regular players and pros. We know there’s some definite interest in more bans. There are some potential issues we’d want to make sure we were able to address though before adding extra bans, including:

  • We feel champ select’s too long already. We’d want to find ways to not increase its duration further as a result (e.g. multiple people from the same team banning at the same time?).
  • We want to ensure that increased ability to target ban a position doesn’t create issues with how many champions a player needs to be able to play well (extreme scenario, 11 champs for one position – is that appropriate?)
  • Adding four more bans increases the number of champions needed to play ranked by four. Is that a problem? A benefit?

Thoorin has written a detailed and elaborate article on the system currently in use and its flaws. He states that while the system is flawed, it definitely is not as broken as the community believes. There is a higher chance of a staggered draft phase which will allow both the teams to be on an equal pedestal.


league-of-legends-pick-and-ban-phaseSource : Riot Games