Sonneiko joins Vega Squadron

Vega Squadron have announced the inclusion of Sonneiko into their roster. The former Power Rangers player went on to become a part of one of the most well known Dota2 teams in history, Team NaVi. However he left the roster post TI6 and has been without a team since then.

The only support Chinese player to reach 9000 MMR; Sonneiko has been a talent that cannot be hidden from top teams for long.

Alexei Kondakov :

– SoNNeikO is the only player to replace Fng wit. Every team would be glad to see him in their jerseys but he chose to move to Vega Squadron. I hope that with him in our squad the results of Vega will improve. As for the second newcomer we are right in the middle of his transfer and will announce him as soon as we deal up with all contractual relationships.

Team ManagerĀ drAmer :

– Akbar is the one of the strongest players in CIS region. Moreover he is good both in micro and macro play which is very rare. I am glad that he joined Vega Squadron and hope that with his help our team can overcome the crisis of the last months


– I am glad to become a part of this team and will make everything to achieve maximum results. I hope to come up to fan’s expectations and I will not let them down.