IEM Oakland 2016 – League of Legends Quarterfinals

Unicorns of Love 2:0 INTZ e-Sports

uolexileh1The action in game 1 between Unicorns of Love and INTZ e-Sports started off with UoL members Exileh (pictured to the right) and Move tower diving Yang of INTZ for first blood. INTZ midlaner, Tockers, tried to keep the gold close with a solo kill on Exileh, but UoL’s lead would eventually snowball out of control. UoL’s support, Hylissang, used his Tahm Kench ultimate to provide the mobility they needed to catch out two INTZ members and open up the map. This allowed for an easy Baron, and one final push to end the game.

In game 2, Exileh’s Cassiopeia demolished Tockers on Ryze. After catching Tockers out of position multiple times, Exileh was able to build a huge gold lead over the opposing midlaner. The Unicorns of Love’s team composition had shields and tons of hard CC to protect the two carries, Cassiopeia and Jhin, and they were able snowball the game through their early leads. In one final play to try and make up for their deficit, INTZ initiated on 3 members of the UoL squad, but the other 2 UoL members were close by. Despite a seemingly good engagement, the Unicorns were too far ahead, and they ended up taking the team fight and pushing for the nexus.

UoL will face off against TSM tomorrow in the first LoL semifinal match of the day. UoL are currently sponsored by a leading bookmaker, Betway esports, which hope to compete against the esports betting sites worldwide like Unikrn.


Longzhu Gaming 2:0 Chiefs eSports Club

longzhu-chaser1In game 1 of Longzhu Gaming versus Chiefs eSports Club, Longzhu midlaner, Frozen, scored first blood on Chiefs jungler, Spookz, transferring over the double buffs to Frozen’s Viktor. Although Swiffer on Orianna managed to get a kill back, Viktor increased his minion lead on her by constantly pushing in the waves and pressuring the map thanks to the double buffs. The action was almost non-stop as teleports and Tahm Kench ults were used to engage on the opposing team over and over. Even though Spookz was caught out and handed over a free Baron to the enemy team, Longzhu Gaming wasn’t able to get many objectives out of it. Instead, Longzhu waited for another Baron to spawn to attempt another push, but it was stolen by Spookz on Elise. Swiffer was keeping the game close, and the Chiefs were slowly starting to bring the game back to being even. However, Longzhu was finally able to get the opening they were looking for when Chaser (pictured to the right) got a nice Lee Sin kick-flash combo and caught out Swiffer. Longzhu was then able to push straight to the nexus and take the first game of the series.

Chaser continued his momentum from the end of game 1 as he created more plays with his Lee Sin for Longzhu, netting himself 100% kill participation for the first 4 kills of game 2. Longzhu expanded on this advantage by establishing vision control in the enemy jungle, as well as by stealing jungle camps and buffs. In a similar fashion to the first game, the Chiefs managed to hang on and keep the gold differential close thanks to great plays from Swiffer’s Orianna. After managing to sneak a Baron, Longzhu was able to pick off some members of the Chiefs squad and take out the top and mid inhibitors. This time, Longzhu was able to cleanly close the game out and end the Chiefs eSports Club’s run at IEM Oakland.

Longzhu will be moving on to face off against the LMS region’s Flash Wolves tomorrow in the second semifinal of the day.

Photo Sources/Credits: @ExilehLoL, Azubu, Intel Extreme Masters