Tricked eSports add Borup as their fifth player

Tricked eSports have announced the completion of their CSGO roster with the signing of Borup. Their initial roster included Niko who was sold to Heroic in October. While their statement mentions that it was the playerś wish to depart and go to Heroic ( for better oppurtunities) it has not deterred them to find a suitable fifth man for their roster.

The 17-year-old has previously performed as a stand-in for the Danish side Team Singularity and represented Fragsters during this year’s Copenhagen Games.

Tricked CEO :

“Today we complete our lineup after the transfer of Niko. It’s not any surprise that this transfer was not a part of our original plans for the team. We have to adapt to the situation and respect our players’ wishes, even if it means a setback for us. I think we have chosen the next big player in Denmark, just as we normally do.

We have great faith in Borup’s abilities and that is why I only think this is a minor setback for us. The team will have some training period to work in the new positions and teamwork, but I think we will reach our old level and form again. Tricked will give the team time to adapt, but our goals are the same as before. We wanted to see how the chemistry was in victory and defeat before we completed the deal with Borup and so far, we are very happy. The next 3 months well be hard work reestablishing ourselves a top team in Denmark and the next contender for minor/majors spots.”

Borupś first match with the team will be against Fragsters in a Best of One for the eOddset Dust2 Cup. Tricked won the match in a spectacular fashion.

With this signing, the Tricked roster is :

Denmark Johannes “b0RUP” Borup
Denmark Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen
Denmark Jakob “JUGi” Hansen
Denmark Lasse “maeVe” Elgaard
Denmark Patrick “es3tag” Hansen