Rocket League introduces Custom Training feature

Rocket League is at its core a soccer game played by cars. The game which not many expected to be as popular has struck gold with a thriving community and regular users. Rocket League is fun to play and focusses on a very easy learning curve. Despite trying to sell the idea to several well established publishers, Psyonix was met with failure on all fronts. They finally decided to self publish the game and it turned out to be immensely popular.

A new update to the game brings Custom Training to the game. Pysonix tweeted out the details on 19th November 2016.


When you create your own custom training sequence, you’ll be asked to specify a few things up front:

  1. A name for your creation.

  2. Which map you want to train in.

  3. What type of training sequence it is (Striker or Goalie).

  4. How difficult it’s going to be (Rookie, Pro, All-Star).

  5. Which “tags” best describe your training sequence (Dribbling, Wall Shots, etc.)rocket-league-image

Once all that’s settled, you can then get down to editing your sequence in-game.  What you’ll see first is your ‘Shot List’ that contains every shot you’ve set up as part of your new sequence.  From here you can pick a shot to edit, add new shots, or delete ones you don’t want to keep.
Editing a specific shot is the most important aspect of this new feature. You can place the car and the ball wherever you want on the field and you can specify the direction and speed of the ball with a full trajectory preview that helps you plan things out.
Each shot can be tested in real-time, modified, and tested again to make it quick and easy to develop your new training sequence.

This new feature is aimed at more skilled players who wish to analyze every jump and flip that they do. The game which is not that difficult for a novice player still has a decent skill ceiling to accommodate high skilled players. It also allows cross-platform gaming between console and PC players.


The new update will allow users to upload their videos to Rocket League servers and obtain a unique code for sharing their gameplay.


When you’re ready to share your creation with the world, you can ‘Upload’ it from your list of Created modes in the ‘Custom Training’ menu.  This will publish your sequence to our database and generate a unique, alphanumeric code you can share online.  Players can “search” by code on the ‘Browse’ tab to find your sequence and play it for themselves!

You can continue to edit your creations and upload new versions to the database.  Players who have marked your sequence as a ‘Favorite’ will see that there’s a new version available and can choose to update to your new and improved version whenever they want.
For this initial version, sharing is not available cross-platform, but we are working with our console partners to expand ‘Custom Training’ shares across all platforms as soon as we can (and hope to do so)!


The ‘Browse’ tab of the ‘Custom Training’ menu allows you to look through the most popular sequences that have been uploaded to our database.  For this first release of the feature, you’ll see the Top 50 most downloaded sequences on your platform.

From this list, you can play any of the most popular sequences directly.  You can then mark the ones you like the most as ‘Favorites’ so you can quickly access them and, last but not least, you can search for a specific code if you’ve heard about a great sequence online but you don’t see it in the Top 50.


This list stores every sequence you’ve marked as a ‘Favorite’ so you can play specific sequences without having to remember their codes or find them in the ‘Browse’ list.

It’s important to note that we store a copy of all your ‘Favorite’ modes locally.  Creators can upload new versions of ‘Custom Training’ sequences, and since the version you ‘favorited’ is stored,  you can choose whether or not you want to update to the latest version or not.
In the end, Pysonix have also outline the path for future updates. There will be

  • Improved Browsing Experience

    • Adding search and filtering tools to make it easier to find new sequences in-game

    • Adding new ‘sorting’ methods to show off new or ‘trending’ sequences and not just the most downloaded ones

    • Adding user ratings and a way to browse ‘Top Rated’ sequences

  • More Sequence Options

    • Randomized Shot Lists

    • More ‘types’ than just Striker and Goalie

    • More options, like starting the car with velocity

Source : RocketLeague