CS:GO ELEAGUE Season 2 – EnVyUs vs OpTic Post Match Review

ELEAGUE group D action continued today as OpTic Gaming and Team EnVyUs fought it out to see who would advance in the group stages and who would be eliminated. The first map was played on Overpass where OpTic got off to an amazing start. With a  score of 12-3, OpTic Gaming led the first half with NAF-FLY topping the KDA leaderboards with a scoreline of 15-2-7. The situation didn’t get any better for EnVyUs as the second half of map 1 resumed. Teammates RUSH and stanislaw of OpTic stepped it up to take a dominant game 1 over EnVyUs with a score of 16-3.


Map 1 – Overpass. OpTic 16:3 EnVyUs

Map 2 was played on Dust 2 where Team EnVyUs was off to a rocky start once again. Initially, the game was looking like it would be another dominant performance by OpTic. However, despite a 7 round win streak for OpTic, EnVyUs managed to bring it back and score 7 rounds in the first half, bringing the score to 7-8. The action continued in the second half as the two teams traded rounds back and forth. In the end, Team EnVyUs was victorious in taking a close Dust 2 with a score of 16-13.


Map 2 – Dust 2. OpTic 13:16 EnVyUs

The third and final map was played on Cobblestone. Although it is widely considered a T-sided map, OpTic gaming started off with a 5-0 lead while on the CT side. After managing to salvage three rounds in a row, EnVyUs seemed to be gaining momentum. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case as EnVyUs crumbled and OpTic dominated the first half, 11-4, thanks to some solid awping skills from tarik and mixwell. In the second half, EnVyUs tried to hold off bomb plants at the A-site, and impressive efforts from KennyS and Team EnVyUs scored them a few rounds and allowed them to hold on a little bit longer. Despite their efforts, OpTic Gaming took the third map in the end, 16-8.


Map 3 – Cobblestone. OpTic 16:8 EnVyUs

With this, Team EnVyUs is eliminated, and OpTic Gaming advances in the group stages. Team Dignitas managed to advance through the group stages with a win over Fnatic, so OpTic and Fnatic will face off again to see who will get to move on to the playoff stages.

OpTic and Fnatic met earlier in the tournament on Cache. Rounds were being traded between the two teams until it looked like Fnatic finally managed to get a hold of the match. At 15-12, Fnatic had match points lined up, but OpTic would bring the score back to 15-15, bringing the game into overtime. OpTic took the first two rounds in overtime, but it wasn’t enough as Fnatic powered through to close the match out at 19-17.

OpTic will be looking to get their revenge on Fnatic in order to progress through the tournament. The winner of this match will move on in the tournament to join the other teams that managed to make it out of the group stages. Playoff/quarterfinal ELEAGUE action will continue on November 30th.

Photo Sources/Credits: OpTic Gaming