Sao Paolo Bill aims at giving eSports players the status of an ¨athlete¨

Sao Paolo recently hosted the ESL Pro League that saw several top CSGO teams converging on the Brazilian City. The tournament which was eventually won by Cloud9 saw players and the whole community focussing on South American eSports scene.

While on the topic of South American eSports scene, there has been a bill thats passed in the São Paulo Legislative Assembly that intends to give eSports professionals the same status as athletes.


If passed the bill would it accessible to all interested parties, so that it can promote intellectual development, contemporary sports culture, bringing together the other influences of Information and Communication Technologies – ICT, cultural training, providing socialization, fun and learning for children, adolescents and adults. ”


“With the rules of the sport in the State of São Paulo will be giving opportunity for athletes to have legislation, as other sports.

There is also a project on e-sports in progress at the federal level. Proposed by Congressman John Henry Holland Caldas (PSB-AL) in November 2015, the PL 3450/2015 provides for the recognition of electronic sports as sports practice, equating the games to football, basketball, volleyball, among others.


John Henry :

“Video games are already – long – a reality in the Brazilian and world society” and extols the benefits that the practice can provide, as “improvement in cognitive abilities.”


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