Nevada Gaming Policy committee considers new rules on eSports

The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee on Wednesday directed the state’s gaming regulators to develop new sets of rules to oversee wagering on competitive video games known as e-sports. According to the report from ReviewJournal,

Workshop meetings for public discussion could start as early as next month, and casinos that choose to conduct e-sports wagering might be able to take bets by early next year. While these changes in rules and decisions will not make it easier for fantasy esports betting sites to operate in Nevada, it is aimed more towards traditional betting on eSports games.

This meeting was the final meeting of the committee. The next step is the submission of bill drafts for the 2017 legislative session.

This news comes as great news for the development of eSports. Illegitimate betting had given rise to many scams which led to people duping others of millions of dollars. This move will help bring the industry under regulations and safeguard people from losing their hard-earned money to scamsters.