Kusher99 is the sixth player for EnVyUs



Team EnVyus who were left with just 5 players following the departure of Talespin from the Overwatch roster. Talespin has left the roster following disagreements within the team and an atmosphere that was not conducive to co operative gameplay. While rumors say that there were immense differences between him and Taimou, nothing has been confirmed as the sole reason for TaleSpin┼Ť departure yet.


Taimou wished him the best of luck in his future endeavours professionally. While Taimou admitted that there were creative differences between the two players, it was not the reason for Talespin┬┤s departure. The two players were apparently decent towards each other off the game.

EnVyUs have finally found their sixth player for the roster, Krusher99. Krusher99 who counts Serena Williams amongst his fans, will be given an opportunity to prove his worth in the former World No 1 team.