Tarlac city to host CS:GO league

Tarlac city to host CS:GO leagueTarlac city is all set to host a CSGO League


Esports is growing at a frantic pace. The industry is opening up to investments and adoption of eSports into the mainstream media. We have seen big organisations such as Philadelphia 76érs and ELeague ( TBS ) enter eSports. With notable personalities such as Rich Fox, Serena Williams and Shaq projecting eSports as the future the path seems to be all set for esports.

WASD recently announced that Tarlac City, Philippines will be co-hosting a CSGO League in collaboration with WASD Philippines. The small city from Philippines which as a population of 318,332 has an active set of gamers from the region. Noticing the mood of the people the city councillors have approved the co-hosting plans with WASD Philippines.


In what could be a landmark moment for eSports in Northern Luzon as well as for the Philippine CS community, WASD Philippines joins hands with the Tarlac City government in order to host the finals of a national Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament in the city.

Taking place in Tarlac City this coming April 2017, the Tarlac eSports League will feature one of the largest CS:GO tournaments in the Philippines, with several of the country’s top teams fighting for a substantial prize pool.

CS:GO is considered to be one of the premier first-person shooter (FPS) titles in the world, with millions of players engaged with the game in differing levels of capacity. The Valve CS:GO Majors, considered to be the premier tournament franchise for the game, attracts thousands of spectators on-site as well as millions of viewers online.

More details regarding the partnership will be revealed soon.

Source : WASD