Sportradar joins hands with DOJO Madness, aims to provide esports with live-odds

Sportradar—whose Betradar brand is well-known throughout the sporting industry for providing betting tools and data—announced today that it has partered with esports data and tool company DOJO Madness to “provide the market with live-odds across a whole range of online and offline esports competitions.”

The Betradar brand. It currently officially provides data for three of the “Big Four” sporting leagues—the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL. It also has partnerships with the International Tennis Federation and NASCAR. Sportsradar also provides fraud and match-fixing services for a number of sports, including soccer and ice hockey—and more recently, in a partnership with esports organizer ESL.

And how Sportradar will impact esports betting sites worldwide.

What drew Sportradar’s attention to esports?

James Watson: Sportradar as a company have been interested in esports for many years now, driven by our management’s keen eye for future trends in the sports space. My personal background is in the integrity space, where as part of Sportradar’s Integrity Services division, I was responsible for monitoring and reporting on suspicious betting activity across more than 10 different sports worldwide.

Being a huge esports fan, I noted some of the developments surrounding match-fixing in esports back with the iBuyPower and Epsilon cases, as well as ongoing issues in Korean StarCraft and it was at this point we opted to rapidly expand into the esports world.

What drew Sportradar’s attention to DOJO Madness?

Back when we started conceptualizing how live betting can work in esports, we immediately ran into many hurdles. The first of which was the provision of true live-data (and not publicly available delayed data)—which we solved thanks to our successful partnership with ESL which launched more than a year ago.

Secondly, we noticed that esports games are far more complex than just about any other traditional sports, and modeling these intricacies would be a challenge. We scoured the space for a suitable partner with esports data experience that could complement our betting B2B experience. The partnership with DOJO is a match made in heaven in this regard.

Can you provide any further details about the live-odds Sportradar will provide? Maybe a brief explanation for those who are new to betting markets?

If you take a look at the history of live betting in this space, there was a real gold-rush to see who could be the first to offer live betting options on esports matches. Whether deliberately or not, corners were cut in this process and it led to a sub-standard offer, especially when compared to traditional sports.

Our partnership with DOJO has taken a different approach and looked to get things right the first time rather than open up our clients to unnecessary risk. The fruits of this labor, combined with the fastest data possible from ESL, means we can offer unrivaled live betting markets in this space—including betting on high frequency options.

For those new to betting, this means being able to wager on individual rounds in a game of CSGO, something that seems so natural but isn’t being offered anywhere in the market at the moment.

What games will Sportradar provide live-odds for at launch?

Our initial launch will focus on CSGO but will quickly expand into other titles with Dota 2 and LOL,both planned for the early months of next year. We are also constantly looking at how new titles begin to develop and mature—for example Overwatch—to evaluate whether or not they are even suitable for live betting.

Overall thoughts on the esports industry? Any further-out plans for this partnership?

We are definitely approaching or are already at that tipping point where publishers and tournament organizers are making a conscious step to move towards a more mainstream approach. We are also seeing the gap between traditional sports and esports shrink as both parties learn from each others’ successes and pitfalls.

Our DOJO partnership is a long-term commitment, until at least 2024, to develop exciting and innovative solutions for our clients. This isn’t limited to just live-odds, so all I can say is “watch this space!”

Source – EsportsObserver