Controversy about talent criticising players

CSGO casters and analysts have been known to criticize players for their skill levels and gamesense. Recently however the level of criticism has increased by leaps and bounds. Players and community in general have been pretty much against the level of criticism.


Check out FallenÅ› tweet a few days ago :


The tweet references to the casters criticizing Smith during his performance at the Eleague. The casters went on to make fun of him as a player and even went to the extent of saying he should drop his gun for his team mates.

Metuz goes on to defend the casters and talent. He feel




Richard Lewis recently published a tweet saying that there were several players who were on the verge of walking out of tournaments based on the content that casters put out on air.



There is more to come on this scenario and we might as well see organisers put on conditions on casters and the way they speak in public about the players performances.