Selfless Lucky explains why he was missing from Smash the Record fundraiser

Selfless Lucky explains why he was missing from Smash the Record fundraiser

When Smash The Record fundraiser rolled around and Lucky was nowhere to be found the community was curious of his whereabouts. Today he posted a full update on the situation and why he wasn’t able to attend.

As it turns out Lucky was involved in what would seem like a minor accident which turned into a quite a big deal. The Selfless star ended up breaking his knee and dislocating his elbow from taking a spill over a center median in the road.

It is unknown how soon Lucky will be able to return to the competitive scene, initial estimates put him out for at least a month while he recovers. The dislocated elbow will surely need to be healed 100% before he can play competitively again.

Read Lucky’s full statement below:

As some of you may or may not know, I have been bed ridden in a hospital in Florida since very early Friday morning, which prevented me from attending Smash the Record. So here is a quick reasoning as in to why I am in the hospital.

After staying up super late with friends, we decided to go across the street from our hotel to get snacks at the gas station. Since it was so late we decided to run across a dark street instead of using a cross walk and I didn’t have my glasses with me unfortunately. As I was running I was trying to make sure no cars were coming by and didn’t pay attention to the median on the street. I was running with full speed and tripped over the median which cause me to land my full weight on my right knee/left arm. Thankfully I had friends there that helped me not become road kill since I was in the middle of the street (aka use the cross walk kids).

Unable to move I was transported to the nearest hospital which I found out that I broken my knee and dislocated my elbow. Friday morning the doctors popped my elbow back in place and doctors eventually told me it was mandatory that I get surgery asap and that was done Saturday morning. I have been going through physical therapy ever since and I have not been able to go home. I’m hoping to leave the hospital in a day or two and finally go home to begin my full recovery.

Unfortunately due to this event I probably won’t be attending an event for two months. My leg needs time to get stronger and traveling is not a good idea. Plus with all these hospital bills I need to focus on being home for a bit. So I will definitely be passing on all the rest of November and December tournaments. Genesis is in a grey area right now. I apologize greatly to all my fans who were expecting to see me at the next few tourneys. I will keep everyone updated on any positive news and again, I apologize for my idiocy.

Selfless Lucky