ESEA Announces LAN Anti-Cheat!

From the official ESEA website:

As prize pools continue to grow, and event organizers have begun to shift their focus to major LAN events, more and more speculation has been vocalized about the possibility that cheating could be occurring on LAN. Event organizers, such as DreamHack and ESL, have put into place stringent guidelines that are followed to help ensure that cheating is not taking place, and today we are adding another layer of protection on top of the existing protocols. In order to combat the possibility of a player using a cheat on LAN, ESEA will launch a fully functional anti-cheat designed and tailored to the LAN environment.

Over the last decade ESEA has developed the industry-leading anti-cheat for online matches, and now the same technology will be accessible at LAN events. With the addition of the anti-cheat client to the existing protocols in place, we are confident that the community can rest assured that players are not cheating at their favorite tournaments, and that all matches are being played on an even playing field.

Over the last year we have worked diligently to listen to both player and organizer feedback for LAN events and worked with ESL to perform a technical test of the anti-cheat client at ESL One New York in October, 2016.

The first event to officially use the ESEA LAN anti-cheat client will be IEM Oakland, and their LAN qualifier the iBUYPOWER Masters, starting this weekend in Los Angeles, CA.

The ESEA LAN anti-cheat client will not be exclusive only to ESEA events. Any organizer that is able to meet the basic requirements, which will be made public after IEM Oakland, can apply to use the technology. Our goal is to help ensure that Counter-Strike events, regardless of the organizer, can guarantee to be cheat-free.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are we doing this?

Over the past year there have been increased concerns from players, personalities, and fans in the CS:GO community about the possibility of cheating at LAN events in Counter-Strike. While organizers have put protocols in place to help prevent cheating, we now have the ability to leverage the most effective online anti-cheat tool available and add an extra layer of security in the LAN environment.

Will you actually give it to any tournament that meets your basic requirements?

Yes! The ESEA LAN anti-cheat client will NOT be exclusive to ESEA or ESL events. Instead, any organizer that can meet the basic requirements can apply to use the technology. We encourage both players and the community to request that their favorite tournaments use the new anti-cheat technology.

What happens if you catch someone cheating?

While we hope this never happens, we will work closely with all tournament organizers to ensure that we have a plan in place should a user be found to be cheating on LAN. This may include pausing a match to verify data or quarantining hardware with the support of the tournament organizer.