M4A4 vs M4A1-S in 2016, what the pros use

Who doesn’t love infographics? One CS:GO enthusiast and reddit user knows how much the community loves them so he put some interesting statistics together regarding assault rifle usage among the top teams.

Looking at the data, nearly everyone prefers the AK and will drop the CT rifles at the end of the round if given a chance.

However there are a few players who fall in a category where they:

Want to swap their CT rifle to a T rifle with a team mate at the start of the round (if their team mate picked one up).

Buy a far higher % of AK-47. On T side these players seem to solely stick to AKs but on the CT side they will delay their buys by using UMPs, Shotguns even going into buy rounds without CT rifles which they avoid on the T side.

This is due to the economy but I only included players who go out of their way to delay/avoid CT rifles compared to other team mates and pros.

If they have a T rifle but buy for a team mate they have the option to give the team mate either rifle. That’s where most data comes from. Niko and pasha will go out of their way to keep the T rifle or to get it from another player.

These players also are the first to sacrifice their CT rifle for extra utility for the team and will buy an obsolete weapon even if someone else could’ve done that.

Below you will find some of the best teams preference between the m4a4 vs m4a1-s in 2017.