Looking Ahead: Upcoming CS:GO Events

CS:GO fans, here’s a look at the CS:GO upcoming events unfolding as we speak:

First up, we have the SKYLLA CS:GO Tournament Series. The structure is such that both female and male CS:GO teams have a chance to compete over a prize total of $17,500 in the span of seven editions. Most of the prize pot will go to the dominant team. As of today, the final SKYLLA October group has been secured, and the fourth quarter-finalist placed.

Then, we have the World Electronic Sports Games 2016, which includes the popular first person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The event is being held in the main provinces of Shanghai, China, gathering quite an impressive collection of CS:GO players from all over the world, including the Middle East, North and South America, CIS, South Africa, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions. The prize? An aggregate pot of around $3.7 million! The main event will have 24 teams battling it out on the online battlefield- three from Middle East and Africa, six from North and South America, eight from CIS and Europe, six from the Asia and Pacific regions, and one from China as a host.

And finally, the ELEAGUE Season 2. This is arguably CS:GO’s largest tournament, with a cool $1.1 million in prize money.

It looks to be like Counter-Strike GO’s biggest year yet given the fact that eSports is now becoming both a staple in physical tournaments happening all over the world and in popular gaming streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube. The prize pools are getting bigger than before, with major brand companies entering the tournament fray.

Dreamhack has recently announced its generous offer of providing over a million dollars in CS:GO prizes for 2016 alone. CS:GO has catapulted to the top of viewership during the MLG Tournaments, which could pave the way for more and more CS:GO majors to be held within the United States.

All eyes have turned to the 2016 ELEAGUE Season 2 as the company has made quite a fantastic collaboration with media giants WME/IMG and Turner for the cool $1.2 million prize money in exchange for broadcasting rights. The games are set to be streamed on TBS during Friday nights, with the tournament held in Atlanta. Moreover, the treatment for the tournament will have similarities to that of the NBA and the NFL.

If the ELEAGUE Season 2 is successful, then it could ultimately mean for exposure and more cash prize in the immediate future. The broadcasting of the tournament in such a prominent time spot and to a prominent channel allows for more viewership, not just to the CS:GO community but also to eSports in general. This was done before by ESPN but it was not held on a regular schedule. If successful, then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could catapult right to the top of being the biggest eSport in terms of viewership and exposure.

These are the CS:GO current events, but there’s still a lot on the 2016 horizon. Expect more CS:GO action in the Northern Arena 2016 which will be held in Montreal, the iBUYPOWER Masters 2016 in California, the Intel Extreme Masters in Oakland, the Dreamhack Winter 2016 in Sweden, the Esports Championships Season 2 in California and the ELEAGUE Major 2016 which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.