Exciting times ahead for the Overwatch competitive landscape this winter

Exciting times ahead for the Overwatch competitive landscape this winter

Overwatch is Blizzard entertainment’s masterpiece in the world of gaming and has already earned millions of players around the world. This team-based competitive first person shooter has also made it to the competitive league, making it almost as popular as the likes of DotA 2, CS: GO, etc. If you’re a fan of the game or just follow the competitive scene for fun, then good times are ahead because five major events are lined up for the coming winter season.

OGN Overwatch APEX- Season 1

With the prize pool of $ 180,000, the OGN Overwatch APEX- Season 1 is set to be a riot of hundreds of teams from around the world. The qualifiers will be held in both online and off-line stages with the top 64 teams advancing from the online stage to the off-line stage. The final 12 teams out of the 64 in the off-line stage will advance to the main event. The playoffs will be between 8 teams in single-elimination game format with the rule of best of 5 with a best-of-7 final. The location of the off-line event will be in South Korea.

Alienware Monthly Melee

This minor tournament sponsored by Dell Alienware had 8 participating teams battling it out in a double-elimination format. The group stage was divided into 2 groups of 4 and was played in Round Robin format. The top 2 seeded where be promoted to upper bracket while the bottom 2 seeded moved on to the lower bracket. The total prize pool for this event was $ 5000 and the teams participating were Cloud9, Denial, Tempo Storm, FaZe, method, Rise Nation, Kingdom, and Immortals. This was an online event that gained much recognition from the Overwatch community.

The Gauntlet #2

This event is currently underway and has a prize pool of a total of $ 2000. 4 team groups are participating in double elimination brackets where 1 team for every group will qualify for the playoffs. The group stage will be held in best-of-3 matches while the final is best-of-5. The playoffs are about to take place on November 11 in a single elimination format with the top 4 qualifying teams from each group. The upcoming matches are LDLC vs. The Chavs, Fragsters vs. :3, Team Eager vs. LFORG.Reds, ATN OW vs. Norm.

E-League Gamestah Spring Series Division 1

With a prize pool of AUD $4,200, this Australian Overwatch event is currently underway as it began back on September 29. Matches in the group stage are being held in a team round-robin format with the top 4 teams slated to advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will be held on November 13 (tentative) and with 4 teams participating in the double elimination game play format. Some of the top teams in the world are partaking in this event, and so far the matches have been glorious.

DreamHack Winter 2016

With the massive prize pool of $ 50,000, the DreamHack Winter is said to be the big daddy of all Overwatch events. The prize money will be divided as $ 30,000, $ 10,000, and $ 5000, among the winner, runners-up, and the second runners-up teams with the main event taking place on November 25-26. This event got underway since October 9 in an online double elimination format and is slated to move off-line in the BYOC qualifier on November 24. 8 teams will fight it off in 2 double elimination groups and Single Elimination playoffs.


Photo Credit: Kyle Kay Gaming/Youtube