Lucas “steelega” Lopes to replace Wilton ‘zews’ Prado in Immortals

As reported earlier this week, Immortals annouced that Wilton ‘zews’ Prado was being released, however it was unknown who his replacement would be until today — as Immortals told on their Facebook page that Lucas “steelega” Lopes would be the replacement.

This could be due to the fact of “zews” recent decline in performance, below you can see his rating on the last 8 maps has been on a straight decline from his average around .91, stumbling all the way to .60. It comes with no surprise that Immortals have only won 2 out of their past 8 matches. Lets see if the addition of Steelega can help them turn this around.

For more on this roster change, head over to Immortals Facebook Page.

zews rating


Hey #IMTeam, today we have some news about our CS:GO roster. We’re always evaluating our roster to keep the squad in fighting form, and believe it’s time to change things up. As we head into our next match, we are announcing a player change.

Wilton ‘zews’ Prado is no longer with the team.

Rafael “zakk” Fernandes, Immortals team coach:
“We would like to thank Wilton “zews” Prado for his services and knowledge in the game. He’s still a good friend of the team and he taught us a great part of how to play as one. He will not be forgotten.”

Taking his place is Lucas “steelega” Lopes.

Steel joins us as calm, mature player who can help bring direction and in-game leadership to the team. His past experience playing with other members of our team from his time on LG will help with the transition, and we look forward to seeing his debut later today against the winner of compLexity vs Muffin Lightning.

“Hello, my name is Lucas Lopes, better known as “Steel” and I’m very happy to play for Immortals. I had a terrible year in 2015 playing with LG boys (now SK), but during 2016, I’ve been practicing non-stop. You can expect a Steel with an absurd level of dedication and motivation to get Immortals to number 1.”

Photo Credit: Immortals, HLTV