Is CS:GO now the #1 selling PC game of all time?

Could Valve’s award-winning Counter-Strike franchise finally about to hit another huge milestone? Taking a look at Minecraft’s total sales, they have currently sold 24,535,453 copies at the time of this article was written.

Now if we want to see the total number of sales CS:GO has, we have to use SteamSpy as Valve does not directly publish their ongoing sales numbers. Even though SteamSpy is not 100% accurate, studies have shown they are pretty close and the more sales a particular game has — the more accurate they are.

Now browsing to CS:GO on steamspy we can see it says CS:GO has a total of 24,937,411 owners at the time this article was written, that is already over 400,000 copies sold CS:GO has over Minecraft.

While already an impressive feat, it looks like the gap only appears to be growing as CS:GO’s domination in the eSports industry has continues at an alarming rate.