Luckerr joins Fnatic Academy CSGO team

Luckerr joins Fnatic Academy CSGO team

Luckerr, who has been playing as a stand-in for Fnatic Academy for the past few weeks is now signed on as a permanent member of the roster. The 22-year-old player has been playing as a replacement for Cannie on the team and helped the team secure top eight in two open qualifiers for the Europe Minor and top four in the second open qualifier for Cross-Border Esport (CBE).

We are very happy to announce that we finally have a full roster after a successful trial period with luckeRRR. He has a great personality, and he will contribute not only inside the game but, given his experience, outside of the game as well.

He will play as our main AWPer. The team has already made a lot of progress since they joined our Academy programme. We are looking forward to seeing them prove themselves attending a LAN soon!