DocC^ clarifies on his FaceIT situation

DocC^ clarifies on his FaceIT situation

One of the rising stars in Counter-Strike who is currently playing in FPL, DOcc has come out with a statement regarding his situation and FPL. However, the young talent is not yet 18 years old. His parents are against his gaming and will not allow him to use a mic or do gaming at home. This brings him in a very unique situation. He cannot use the mic and one of the key features of gaming, especially at a high level is to use mics and communicate with the rest of the team. In a statement, he clarifies his situation and how he got around the entire difficult situation.

I know I will get A LOT hate after this, but please remember, I had no choice, this was the only way. My english isn’t that good so keep that in mind.

When I got kicked from fpl-c for not using a mic but using text2speech I was really sad, I thought about quitting csgo. Because the admin told me he will invite me back only if I can use my mic.
But I can’t use my mic, nobody can solve this issue for me. When I turn 18 and finish school, I will move out to my own appartment, THEN I can use my mic. Right now my parents are really against gaming, they don’t like it that I play so much and don’t allow me to use a mic.
And yes they already know about esports and that you can earn 20k a month but they would never let me play games as a job. But still, I really want to go pro.

After I got kicked I got an idea to let someone else call and give info for me. I basically share my screen with him and am in a call with him in discord. Everything I see and hear, he sees and hears. If he speaks in discord, it goes trough my mic to the FPL-C teamspeak.
In the beginning it was not going that good, info was really bad etc but it was slowly improving.

Then someone in FPL-C asked me why I was using text2speech before instead of my mic. I had told my friend multiple times to say ” because my parents didn’t like it” but he didn’t say that.
He answered the guy with “I was scared of getting bullied because of my voice”. While he was saying this I kept spamming him on steam to shut up and stop saying this, but he kept saying it.

Then someone clipped it and posted it on reddit, 1k upvotes, 40k views. People started feeling bad for me, they thought I was scared to talk because of my voice when it’s not even true.
What could I do at this point? I couldn’t just say no it’s not true it’s not me speaking. I felt really bad that people were feeling bad for me.
But I really wanted to reach FPL so I kept my mouth shut. After my first full FPL-C season I qualified to FPL and was very happy.

In FPL the comms weren’t that good but they are improving. But maybe it’s not enough yet. My friend sometimes doesn’t focus on giving info and his english is not that good.
My friend fucks up often with his comms because his english isn’t good, it’s FPL where the pro’s play, so the comms should be perfect with 0 mistakes.
I really want to use my other friend to give comms for me. He understands the game at a high level and can speak english perfect. He also knows me for a very long time so knows exactly what I do.

I can stream all my FPL games so you can see it can work.
I know people say “what about your comms?”. When I move to my own appartment there will be 0 issues with my comms, I never understood why people find it hard to give comms since it is very easy if you just know basic english.

About the cheating accusations I think that NOBODY in FPL thinks I cheat. Only some of the community does. I will stream all my games even tho people say you can cheat on stream.
Who would dm and practice his aim every night if he cheats?

I’m sorry that I let everyone think it was me but I thought I had no choice, I should have told it before but I don’t want to get kicked. I know its fucked up. REALLY weird.
I’m sorry for lieng again but I really wanted this to work.
And sorry people that were defending me about this situation.
I really feel bad about this.
I believe I will improve a lot if I play FPL now till I move out.