Lekro replaces Draken on NIP

Lekro replaces Draken on NIP

Lekro has joined the Ninjas in Pyjamas as Draken is moved to the bench on the roster. Lekro is a great AWP player, so the decision to replace Draken, the NIP AWPer is something really difficult to understand.

William is a young player with an incredible talent. Counter-Strike is not all about talent however, as the game is heavily based on all players taking on their individual roles in the team, both inside and outside of the game. We could unfortunately not find the right mix with William at the moment which has led us to the decision of benching him for the time being. We are hoping to see him back in competitive play in the future. In his place, we are extremely happy to have found an equally talented replacement in Lekr0.


There were obviously synergy problems on the team and that was one of the reasons for this decision. So with Draken nolonger on the roster, we might expect either F0rest or Rez to be the AWPer on the team.

Source: NIP